Friday, September 28, 2007

Made In China

In your Daily Life , you might see a lot of people who keeps Bitching
about how fucked up there life is .maybe you see that in your family (like I do )
Specially when there is no reason.
Or Maybe some who keep Bitching about their relationships
'' Oh He's Cheating On Me " , " Oh She's Not Good In Bed " …Bla Bla Bla ..
Maybe People Bitching about their life Because
love to keep Bitching (like My family)
Maybe Some Feel Relief … Who Knows

From Other Side You Turn Your TV & Wow here are the
good shows like The Hills , Orange County ,The Fabulous Life Of
, Playboy Mansion …etc Just to show you how Your life is fucked up and miserable.

From Other Side You Turn Your TV & Yack Here are The Worst
shows ever Survival , Celebrity Fitness, You Are not Smarter
Than Fifth Grade …etc
I think should just Call it '' Greed & Humans " Or
Maybe "life Appreciation''
Cause When you watch these stuff you really feel happy
you have a simple life And you are not embarrassed
in front of the whole world and you will thank god for that
You might even get into religion because of these programs so
you can keep praying for God for your good life …

I Mean what's wrong with us these days. What's with the perfection obsession .
Are we like possessed with This Idea ….Maybe .. I guess entertainers just
turning human into a product ….wait man that’s really an old news
Oh did I just said Human = Product
Well I don’t want you to get mix up with idea or
I don’t want you saying what the fuck is wrong this Poster !!!
I guess I can now combine all the elements in this article and put some solutions
Ill Go to china and ask them to manufacture humans for me ,
it’s a good product and they can do that …cant they !!! (Now The whole world is wondering how they are going to be able to stop the Chinese Economic Tank). Oh & Ill Ask them to put in it some features like love , passion , flexibility(they do what ever you them to ), Oh and they are extremely hot and sexy and they can work 24/7 so no one will have problems
Anymore , and sure I forgot ill be calling the products the Gods
(don’t worry folks ill be selling them for cheap prices Don’t Forget it’s a Chinese product after all )


Stop Watching TV

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Faking Mates

(Soulmate is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, friendship, love, intimacy, sexuality, and/or compatibility.) that was wikipedia's definition ..

Have you ever heard the Soul mate thing describing a friend or a love or a partner ..

It’s just bullshit . it’s a psychological thing …

Ok to me a soul mate is a cute girl who smiled back to me .. and she wants what she sees and not expecting something more … to someone else he might be a rich guy who has a lot of money he gives and she spends . sometime the can be sexual partners or the most common a bf or a gf … so it’s a matter of sharing a quality not the synchronization or the parapsychology of their minds … It’s a Name desperate people call someone like them ..

Nothing has to do with souls ….

Bite me if you can

Thursday, April 12, 2007

English ... Just for Fun

Dictionary For Women's Personal Ads:

40-ish = 49
Adventurous = Slept with everyone
Athletic = No tits
Average looking = Ugly
Beautiful = Pathological liar
Contagious Smile = Does a lot of pills
Emotionally secure = On medication
Feminist = Fat
Free spirit = Junkie
Friendship first = Former very *friendly* person
Fun = Annoying
New Age = Body hair in the wrong places
Open-minded = Desperate
Outgoing = Loud and Embarrassing
Passionate = Sloppy drunk
Professional = Bitch
Voluptuous = Very Fat
Large frame = Hugely Fat
Wants Soul mate = Stalker

Women's English

1. Yes = No
2. No = Yes
3. Maybe = No
4. We need = I want
5. I am sorry = You'll be sorry
6. We need to talk = You're in trouble
7. Sure, go ahead = You better not
8. Do what you want = You will pay for this later
9. I am not upset = Of course I am upset, you moron!
10. You're very attentive tonight = Is sex all you ever think about?

Men's English:

1. I am hungry = I am hungry
2. I am sleepy = I am sleepy
3. I am tired = I am tired
4. Nice dress = Nice cleavage!
5. I love you = Let's have sex now
6. I am bored = Do you want to have sex?
7. May I have this dance? = I'd like to have sex with you
8. Can I call you sometime? = I'd like to have sex with you
9. Do you want to go to a movie? = I'd like to have sex with you
10. Can I take you out to dinner? = I'd like to have sex with you
11. Those shoes don't go with that outfit = I'm gay

Thanks Konraband

Monday, January 22, 2007

sexoholic society

This subject is a bit controversial but what the hell … people are dieing and I can’t write what I want …. It’s about how behind and retarded society looks at the male and the female and the differences …

I will try to make a quick comparison then.

Anyone who feels like adding something feels free to comment.

Well if we talk about education I think most of us are education... but few of us are cultured... if you were a man you have to reach the highest levels of education and what ever you have done they tell you …. “You could have done better “...

If you were a girl high school certificate will make you a good wife … Remember I’m talking about retarded and behind communities like ours ( Arab community ) …

If you are a man they will always tell you have fun before you get married because it’s all about loyalty ( one woman to love till death do us apart ) .. And for the girl...she is not supposed to talk to stranger guys … and if got over 24 and single she will always hear this (you have missed your train ...) What the hell … she has 5 more decades... anyway the average age of marriage is 29 – 27for guys and for girls 20-21 …

What about relations …

If the dude has a girlfriend he’s the man... and his girlfriend is the wife to be …that’s how they see it … and even if it was for fun... cool as long as he is happy … But if you were a girl and have a boyfriend you are considered a player and your reputation will be like Madonna’s and your boyfriend is a son of a bitch and he is just taking advantage of you … and the guy should tell everyone about his girl.. But the girl should keep it for her self …

Concerning a really important issue sex...

Here comes the big problems...the guy is free to do anything heterosexual homosexual no one cares as long as he is happy but the poor girl .. Even if a rumor spreads about her sleeping with someone “she will miss her train “...or if the doubt that she did something wrong ... she is just a whore … it’s too bad at least check.

When it comes to clothes if the man is showing his boxers it’s cool or he is macho...

And if the girl shows something she is absolutely a whore not only that people will exaggerate and say the other day we saw her naked and such stuff … I’m sure many did that .. Even when I was a teenager I did once... as long as she is veiled she is safe... but why to hide the beauty … don’t know they will tell you it’s only for her husband …

Beauty is something rare in behind countries because it’s relative and it’s always in the eyes of the beholder ….anyway if she is a shit face then she is a poor girl if she is medium then she can be a good wife .. If she is drop dead gorgeous she is a bitch, player or a night club dancer …the guy if he is handsome he is gay... and if he is medium that’s good and if he is ugly it doesn’t matter because they think he is tough …

Moustache is case sensitive if you have it you are grown up if not then you are still not a real MAN...

If you tell me those societies have traditions I tell you these societies have nothing to do just thinking about sex... if you tell me there is equality I tell when you let decide your daughter choose her husband come and talk to me. And when you tell me we appreciate woman I tell you woman is nothing but a sexual object to you...

So I guess we should forbid education and culture who goes near them will be burning in hell and let’s go back to the free love decades... at least we will be starving to work and learn and it will take us all the day thinking about books and work


I'm sure now you know what are they talking about !!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Surprise !!

They Just Didn't expect the Camera !!

Those Caught Staring !!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Women In The Eyes Of Men

Well Everyone got something to say about women it depends
on the culture ,education and the society lets
take a look

A president :Women are half the society and they are the other half for men
then he turns to his assistant and says did I say that right !

The doctor :Women hmmmm let me see he grabs a book called The Anatomy of The chick And says the women is meat+ air + bla bla bla
then You marry ....Children ....The tree of life

An Architect :Women yeah that's what I was talking about today
You know there are types of women the thin one
like Eiffel tower and the fat one like the Mosque
and the tall one like ..........Etc

A Civil engineer :Women yeah its easy 1/2 kg soil + some stones you know
a little bit of a good contractor You will get a good one
still ill search for a contractor to find me one

The physics teacher:Well Isaac Newton was thinking of that before the apple fell on his head oh shooooo he didn't figure that out I think I cant answer I have to search leave me now

Someone works in a lab :first he looked at his green liquid that he's working on then He said women its like h2o + h2s = h2so4 then he said no man that wrong can you leave now I have to work !

Accountant :Women No man that's not good they are impossible balance sheet man no its just LIABILITIES for me and Assets for them no no no

:Yeah cool I have two secretaries oh sorry what You were saying yeah women well I think yeah You wanna drink ... Again we were talking about ...Yeah you want to invest in our company

:Women hmmmm some are good some are bad but generally they buy.well they are like a good deal but they talk a lot

A Pop singer :well a women is the most wonderful thing in the world I always sing for them .... .. He starts to cry ..Sorry IM Gay !!!

A Rapper :Yo U know they are boo yo U know and whooo s yo yo

A Death metal singer
:I didn't Understand any thing he kept growling
And when he finished He said Cannibal Corpse

porn performer
:Well I don't care women,men,kids,animals ...Anything have a hole

The Garbage guy
:He smiled at me with an evil smile like he's gonna rape me well ....... I had to run :D

A Philocraper :God Created women for one thing ........ Got IT

With All The Respect To All The Females Out There :P

Monday, December 25, 2006

Tom & Jerry Died

18/12/2006 LOS ANGELES – Joe Barbera, half of the Hanna-Barbera animation team that produced such beloved cartoon characters as Tom and Jerry, Yogi Bear and the Flintstones, died Monday, a Warner Bros. spokesman said. He was 95.

His Contributions to humanity more than Newton's
He made Our Parents Laugh , makes us laugh & will make our Kids Laugh .
May His Soul Rest In Peace ...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

PG +18 ( contains inappropriate language )

Porn : It's called educational movies in some places , what is the education you got

1. Women wear high heels to bed.
2. Men are always rock hard and ready to go.
3. When going down on a woman 10 seconds is more than satisfactory.
4. If a woman gets busted masturbating by a strange man, she will not scream with embarrassment, but rather insist he have sex with her.
5. Women smile appreciatively when men splat them in the face with sperm.
6. Women enjoy having sex with ugly, middle-aged men.
7. Women moan uncontrollably when giving a blowjob.
8. Women always orgasm when men do.
9. A blowjob will always get a woman off a speeding ticket.
10. All women are noisy fucks.
11. People in the 70's couldn't fuck unless there was a wild guitar solo in the background.
12. Those tits are real.
13. A common and enjoyable sexual practice for a man is to take his half-erect penis and slap it repeatedly on a woman's butt.
14. Men always groan "OH YEAH!" when they cum.
15. If there is two of them they "high five" each other (and the girl isn't disgusted!)
16. Double penetration makes women smile.
17. Asian men don't exist.
18. If you come across a guy and his girlfriend having sex in the bushes, the boyfriend won't have even the slightest problem with you jamming your cock in his girlfriend's mouth.
19. There's a plot.
20. When taking a woman from behind, a man can really excite a woman by giving her a gentle slap on the butt.
21. Nurses suck patient's cocks.
22. Men always pull out.
23. When your girlfriend busts you getting head from her best friend, she'll only be momentarily pissed off before fucking the both of you.
24. Women never have headaches... or periods.
25. When a woman is sucking a man's cock, it's important for him to remind her to "suck it".
26. Assholes are clean.
27. A man ejaculating on a woman's butt is a satisfying result for all parties concerned.
28. Women always look pleasantly surprised when they open a man's trouser and find a cock there.
29. Men don't have to beg.
30. When standing during a blowjob, a man will always place one hand firmly on the back of the kneeling woman's head and the other proudly on his hip.
31. Every guy has a penis as big as .... a tree .
32. All women are completely bald.
33. Women really don't mind being picked up off the street and then fucked in a moving van.
34. Any girl with pigtails is a teen.
35. Any other girl is a MILF.

Thanks to Orsm's

Friday, December 01, 2006

Love In University

What's Love ?
Love is feeling . when you are in love you feel everything out of a sudden everything has taste or meaning . out of a sudden the touch of the hand has a meaning the kiss on the lips has a taste , the color they wear is a sign to us . it's just feeling the others and caring and companionship .
it's the communication between 2 love birds .
Now in the 21st century we have to classify everything to show that we are educated and have culture and knowledge .
So now if you love after a break up it's called '' rebound '' , if you love while you are married it's called '' Affair '' and if you love while you are in high school it's called '' Teenage love '' . To summarize it in one word we can just say it's Love .
Let's Discuss a the Love during the university !
it's called university love because it happens in the years of the study in the university .
In my point of view university love is the 1st mature love the one can live .
both are adults both are educated and know what's wrong and what's right . Both of them responsible of them selves .
But there is that obstacle : commitment .
it's the obstacle that is able to turn Romeo and Juliet's love to a failure .
although it depends on how both of them think .
Some people think that love must have an end . Others think that love is something that doesn't end but our enthusiasm to love is over .
the problem is the university is one of the only times that she feels free like a bird . but in the other hand there is what the society say about what she does . in underdeveloped , retarded and backward societies girls are married when they are 18 or 19 and in university they are married or they have to get married the day the step out of the university . so it's a burden on their shoulders how to keep their reputation clean as their clean hearts , they have to be aware of any guy the talk with he has to be a good guy or some others are afraid to betray their families and the trust they gave to them . In the other hand we have the guy who is living the hottest , coolest and wildest days of his life . The day he steps in the university he thinks about the wild nights he is going to spend , the grams of hash he is going to smoke or the tattoos he is going to have . it's just not equal for both of them everyone has a different intention .
If they reached a settlement on the relation there will be an other problem it's called marriage maybe the guy or the girl is thinking about getting married while the partner is just living the day .
it's just not a straight path .
now after what you read don't you just want to kill the society and leave people their lives in the Common Reasonable LIMITS .
Some universities are separated gender wise .
most of the universities in the Arab Gulf are not mixed .
the sport academies in most of the Arab countries are not mixed .
Why is that in the university we separate young people . They will just be tortured scientific they have to free them selves for a while otherwise we are just encouraging adultery or homosexuality and make everything has to be about SEX . University is the place where you meet your friends your work companions your wives and husbands your enemies ( in the Indian drama movies the girl finds a guys who is studying with her and she loves him when the want to get married she finds out that this guy is her son ;P ). It's just the perfect place to get to know everyone and live your Youth .
This word is for the community and the surrounding environment .
If you don't like what people are doing there .You have 2 options :
1 - Break the Wall with your heads
2- Why Don't you F*** OFF and let the people live their normal life.

Sorry for bringing this subject it might not represent the rhythm of our posts but it's something I had to say .
I will go back to my hash brownies and study !!
Cheers !!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dreams !

Are They reality or illusions ?
Once I had a dream about a friend and we had a fight in that dream .
The day after I woke up confused and angry , I saw him and I was still feeling angry , We had the fight . Oh was it a vision or what happened .
I think it's something psychological and it depends upon us to make it happen or how to deal with it . Or sometimes what happens is Pure Vision .
once I dreamed about a person I like and don't know how to approach her .
in that dream I had a conversation with that Nice lady and i got know her .
The Good thing I woke up and I was still remembering the conversation so I open the same subject and approached her the same way in my dream and it was Really nice .
maybe it was a vision or maybe it was just a motivation for me to go and to talk to her
between brackets it was a psychological thing that I believed in the conversation .
My conclusion is that we control our Life and our dreams if we handle them right .
Have a sweet Dreams !!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Men Are HONDAs Women Are BMWs

What’s a Honda?

It’s an affordable car no matter what year it was manufactured. If you drive it well and give it the needed services, changing the oil clean the pipes and fill it with regular benzene, and if you know how to drive a manual or Automatic Honda, you can use this car for ever.

Let’s say you want to change it finding an other Honda, That’s easy.

When you buy a new one your friends will be interested in seeing it and the desperate ones will want to ride it. And it’s easy to have more than a Honda in your Garage.

HONDAs are Practical and in the hands of any girl because you only have to know how to drive to get one.

What’s a BMW?

It’s a very expensive car. When days go on you will spend more than the original price on spare parts and accessories and they only work with original parts.

If it breaks or malfunctions then it’s a disaster it’s a very tempting car to drive fast but it’s hard to be handled only few can handle it.

You can’t be satisfied with it for ever because the next year a more beautiful cooler BMW will be in the streets and you would like to drive it but it’s going to cost you everything you have. When you buy a new BMW your friends will love to go out with you and will dream of Riding your car, and if they had the $$ they might get your spare keys and RIDE it while you are away. So it’s hard to have a new model in your garage.

But if you have the money you will get it easily any model.


Remember A man is a Honda

& the woman is a BMW

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Fear Of Being A Garden Till The End Of Time

One Of past days we went to cinema Just For
Changing Our Garden Status (Daily Killing routine) to watch Silent Hill
(Its an amazing horror Movie people Who Played the Game
Will Love This Movie) So Before entering The Movie we
were Hungry So we went to eat some pizza and after We received
the order I just looked to see what's the restrunt name
I looked at the sign to see the name . Can You imagine what's the name ?

Its The 'Italian Garden '

God Why ? Do I need To remember that

Struggling to leave This garden

True Story !

Saturday, October 21, 2006

HamBola ...

Its like everywhere that i go to.I find some liar overthere it kinda funny when everyone around you lie and you with your friends know that (knowning the liars )!! You start to see how people love to live their imagination & Fantasies through life and share it with people through lying

there is a guy who told us once that he dumped 8 girls at the same time
another one says that last time he had a fight was with 400 people who would believe that !!!
...Imagine what people can say

You know what is the funniest thing everytime someone stops lying there is allways someone else to replace his/her place.The Most Extreme Fun To act interested and keep listening to their stuff (im one of the people who cant say you are a liar in someone's Face )
keep on listening & laugh later

Everyone Says The famous Quote is (Lying is for free)
so if you lied its ok cause you don't have to pay a penny
Iraqis call the liar Hambola
lying is the real disease in societies I think I know the medicine for it.
Make fun Of the liar (heya Mal Tihinbl)

And I think I got The Equation
lack of personality + the enlargement of everything that happen in daily life + fantasies = The Big Good Lie Why not its for free :)

Music oh this is one of the specialty in music talking about lies &liars
a nu-metal band called ill nino in their first album got a good song called liar lier
another nu-metal song by Evanescence called lies ( their New Album is Good ButNot As Good As the first one ) and more and more
if we start to mention then we will never stop

And in the end i have to say :

Do Not Lie,Be Your Self
And ........ Listen To Death Metal :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Few Thoughts

  • if a hotties comes along gets all the attention even if he?she was snobish , arrogant and doesn't stand our companionship .
  • If you want somthing you see it beautiful , when you get it you wish you got somthing else .
  • When i always go to a new place or do somthing new that i haven't done before , i feel like it's not true and it's gonna finish after i go to sleep .
  • Religion Unites us in a one big unit , but seperates us into groups .
  • What's the important : your will or your deed .
  • The mobile companies control the world . if they want to kill someone they can send a killing signal to a certin simcard ( recognized by the serial no. ) and ..... it seems easy to me .
  • In Tv series the charecters are singles most of the time and looking .
  • Sending some interesting ideas would make us think .

Saturday, September 30, 2006

My life , My Destiny

Have you ever wondered what you want from your life ?
If yes share it with us , If not Check the Poll Below And Vote
Let's See What most of the people want from their lives .
If what you want somthing not listed , send it in a comment .

Click On the URL to vote for The Poll :

Friday, September 01, 2006

Why Marriage

Is there a maternity gene?
''It's time for us to get married''; '' the best thing that happened to me is my daughter''.
Don't you hear this lot especially when you are in love or in a relationship?
Let's not talk about the eagerness to get married let's discuss the eagerness to have a baby. Most of the women on earth want to have a baby or more, is there a gene in 85% of the women. Well honestly I think there is!!
Let's discuss it with logic and open mind. Anyone who may feel awkward or think it hurts the woman pride I prefer not to read this. Anyway it's just philosophy and logic no facts or profits.
Imagine 2 women in a relationship, a female-female relation.
What can they do? They can do EVERY thing emotionally, sexually even being socially accepted. Except one thing having a baby. you may say there is artificial fertilization and tube baby . well it's difficult !
If it was a male-female thing then it's ok , but a female-female there would be many problems like who will carry the baby . I think many of the girls who think about a double female relation and they want kids they take this in consideration .
Now if we go to an other part ( what may people comment after reading this ) defending the marriage will say it's about ( love , companionship and commitment )
Just look at it from a logical perspective that says female can fulfill an other female's desires especially with all the technology we have but they will have some emotional issues about maternity and of course there exceptions in every law .
No offence it's just an idea

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Mac

Today I woke up in the morning I took my daily newspaper. I found 3 adverts. they were: Apple bee’s, McDonald’s & Hardee’s.

As a student of architecture for the 1st glance I liked what I saw the designs and the colors were amazing.
I love eating and I enjoy it. When it tastes good I feel good. But did we lose our taste and now we prefer quantity over quality. People the Hardee’s sandwich looks like a whole cow with cheese put between 2 thin slices of bread and the ketchup is dripping like a bloody cow. The McDonald’s one was a Peugeot advert a burger photo and the car details ( it was Peugeot 307 CC ) that is impossible to be won by an ordinary guy who doesn’t have a connection or A Chatal. I think McDonald’s found it hopeless to talk about their food because it’s really junky…

To be honest the Applebee’s is really tempting, cool design amazing photos like those taken in Hawaii Or Bahamas only there were no bikini Models.
This advert was more than one page it was a 4 pages advert. One of them contained 3 discount offers, 15% free, Free appetizer & A free desert But 1st you have to buy a Main course. It’s a real temptation for the 1st sight.
But unfortunately Applebee’s is the most expensive junk food in town so if I get a main course and I get the 15% discount, a free appetizer and the desert it’s still going to be expensive coz if you go with your girlfriend it’s a little bit awkward to buy her with a discount and because you are with your girlfriend the waiters will ask for the tip which is more than the discounts. It’s really confusing.
An other Thing what is it with the (‘s) in the end of the name: McDonald’s. Is it Important to know that it belongs to someone; if so please let me talk to him at least to know the idea of their commercials. Anyhow
Eat Well Eat Homemade!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Have you ever made joke of your self, have you ever been the joke of your friends.
Have your friends ever said a joke that begins with you name like ‘’ one day ‘you’ did something ‘’.
Congratulations a Qaysh has been tied to you.

What’s A Qaysh?
A Qaysh is the fan belt that connects the motor to the fan.
Its function is to make the fan to spin. In pure English it means (pulling someone’s leg)

Why Qaysh?
It can be described as the motor is the person/s who make the joke and Qaysh is the joke tied to the fan (the joke person) and after he is being tied to the Qaysh his head won’t stop spinning because he is taking it from all directions.

Who should be tied to A Qaysh?
We if you have a friend who always jumps in the middle of a conversation or always answering questions that don’t concern him. If he is a Chatal, or if he speaks always with no logic or if he is always trying to show off that he knows everything. This person should be tied to a good Qaysh.

A piece of free advice try avoid being tied to a Qaysh

Monday, August 14, 2006

Are You a Chatal (fork)

Have you ever ask your self this stupid question?
How do you know you are a Chatal? when you see two people talking and you jump in middle of the conversation and you start to share your stupid opinions without asking for a permission in this case you are a Chatal (fork )
Or when you see two people (that you know or u don’t well) talking about going out and you (chatalit)
(The Fork verb) with them without of course without without asking or you go out with them and of course without paying…cool man guess what you are a Chatal

The History of the Chatal (As I known the word from)

The story goes like that there was some guy without mentioning names who used to go out with some people that he knew maybe they were his friends anyway every time he goes out with them to any restaurant the guy didn't pay and he tells them that he forgot his money at home after awhile they called him Chatal that’s where the name came from


Just try your best not to be a Chatal

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whats Gardenomy ?

Gardenomy is the study of a life style called garden
What is garden ????
Garden is the life status of any person who Never changes
Who goes to the same places mostly like everyday (the whole point here if you left the person for a year when you go back nothing have changed )
Why Garden ???
Because the garden doesn't move from it place yeah It grows if its growing that means you are an old garden
The origin of the Name Is Iraqi because of the killing routine
You can't escape being a garden unless u keep doing changes in your life
Being a garden is one of the great things that man can do not all the people in the world can take this great task its more than an experience and spiritual thinking takes you beyond the void to places you never thought you will reach because of the ultimate void that you will be living, don’t be afraid to be a garden because if you are you will find yourself one day one of them, us, everyone its something everyone have to experience through life!!
One of the Famous gardens band called Savage Garden You know why The band split I'll tell the untold story both guys were great gardens in their life not in their music for sure they did great success You can see the name of the band and you can know. Darren Hayes The lead Vocal got out his gardeny status that’s why the start the solo career Something must be changed in his life new girlfriend he moved to other place and stuff like these
They had a very gardeny song called I knew I loved you it’s a great song listen to it (Leave The Garden Crap For A While) its has a very gardeny line I knew I loved you before I met ( You see What I mean here Beyond the Void See Man )

Take another musical example Staind In his album Break The cycle The band here sends a message to all gardens in the world telling them Break The goddamn cycle it’s a great album by the way ( the best of nu-metal bands )
A lot of artists put a lot of effort in pointing for the gardenomy theory then the Iraqi streets took the rest
one more thing if any guy got dumped by his girlfriend the depression period its very garden style they all say the same that they are not I will find another one in a min anyway watch and laugh
by the way I solute all the gardens out there keep the struggle

Live with style live as a garden once

Hard to get woman and Easy woman

Our 1st subject to be posted is about the Women
Hard to get woman and easy woman are both women but what's the difference why this girl goes for everything and the other makes you see the stars in the morning just to say hi to her .
this problem goes to security and insecurity about themselves .
hard to get women have the amount of self confidance that make them think that they can get anyone they want at anytime no matter what they look or what they are . in the other side those who lack self confidance will give anything to the other person just to think or feel that they can have anything .
Anyway the point is hard to get or easy to get is a matter of confidance not a matter of atittude in life or the will to have fun it's just about feeling secure about what they are . if she thinks she is not attractive or not attracting the same number of people an other woman attract she will be easier to get to compete with her then when she is so easy to get she will be popular and she will assume that her charisma is the cause but what made her popular is her in security .

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Opening

Starting the 1st of August this blog will be open for public to be crazy and see things from an other angle .

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