Saturday, September 30, 2006

My life , My Destiny

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Why Marriage

Is there a maternity gene?
''It's time for us to get married''; '' the best thing that happened to me is my daughter''.
Don't you hear this lot especially when you are in love or in a relationship?
Let's not talk about the eagerness to get married let's discuss the eagerness to have a baby. Most of the women on earth want to have a baby or more, is there a gene in 85% of the women. Well honestly I think there is!!
Let's discuss it with logic and open mind. Anyone who may feel awkward or think it hurts the woman pride I prefer not to read this. Anyway it's just philosophy and logic no facts or profits.
Imagine 2 women in a relationship, a female-female relation.
What can they do? They can do EVERY thing emotionally, sexually even being socially accepted. Except one thing having a baby. you may say there is artificial fertilization and tube baby . well it's difficult !
If it was a male-female thing then it's ok , but a female-female there would be many problems like who will carry the baby . I think many of the girls who think about a double female relation and they want kids they take this in consideration .
Now if we go to an other part ( what may people comment after reading this ) defending the marriage will say it's about ( love , companionship and commitment )
Just look at it from a logical perspective that says female can fulfill an other female's desires especially with all the technology we have but they will have some emotional issues about maternity and of course there exceptions in every law .
No offence it's just an idea

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