Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Mac

Today I woke up in the morning I took my daily newspaper. I found 3 adverts. they were: Apple bee’s, McDonald’s & Hardee’s.

As a student of architecture for the 1st glance I liked what I saw the designs and the colors were amazing.
I love eating and I enjoy it. When it tastes good I feel good. But did we lose our taste and now we prefer quantity over quality. People the Hardee’s sandwich looks like a whole cow with cheese put between 2 thin slices of bread and the ketchup is dripping like a bloody cow. The McDonald’s one was a Peugeot advert a burger photo and the car details ( it was Peugeot 307 CC ) that is impossible to be won by an ordinary guy who doesn’t have a connection or A Chatal. I think McDonald’s found it hopeless to talk about their food because it’s really junky…

To be honest the Applebee’s is really tempting, cool design amazing photos like those taken in Hawaii Or Bahamas only there were no bikini Models.
This advert was more than one page it was a 4 pages advert. One of them contained 3 discount offers, 15% free, Free appetizer & A free desert But 1st you have to buy a Main course. It’s a real temptation for the 1st sight.
But unfortunately Applebee’s is the most expensive junk food in town so if I get a main course and I get the 15% discount, a free appetizer and the desert it’s still going to be expensive coz if you go with your girlfriend it’s a little bit awkward to buy her with a discount and because you are with your girlfriend the waiters will ask for the tip which is more than the discounts. It’s really confusing.
An other Thing what is it with the (‘s) in the end of the name: McDonald’s. Is it Important to know that it belongs to someone; if so please let me talk to him at least to know the idea of their commercials. Anyhow
Eat Well Eat Homemade!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Have you ever made joke of your self, have you ever been the joke of your friends.
Have your friends ever said a joke that begins with you name like ‘’ one day ‘you’ did something ‘’.
Congratulations a Qaysh has been tied to you.

What’s A Qaysh?
A Qaysh is the fan belt that connects the motor to the fan.
Its function is to make the fan to spin. In pure English it means (pulling someone’s leg)

Why Qaysh?
It can be described as the motor is the person/s who make the joke and Qaysh is the joke tied to the fan (the joke person) and after he is being tied to the Qaysh his head won’t stop spinning because he is taking it from all directions.

Who should be tied to A Qaysh?
We if you have a friend who always jumps in the middle of a conversation or always answering questions that don’t concern him. If he is a Chatal, or if he speaks always with no logic or if he is always trying to show off that he knows everything. This person should be tied to a good Qaysh.

A piece of free advice try avoid being tied to a Qaysh

Monday, August 14, 2006

Are You a Chatal (fork)

Have you ever ask your self this stupid question?
How do you know you are a Chatal? when you see two people talking and you jump in middle of the conversation and you start to share your stupid opinions without asking for a permission in this case you are a Chatal (fork )
Or when you see two people (that you know or u don’t well) talking about going out and you (chatalit)
(The Fork verb) with them without of course without without asking or you go out with them and of course without paying…cool man guess what you are a Chatal

The History of the Chatal (As I known the word from)

The story goes like that there was some guy without mentioning names who used to go out with some people that he knew maybe they were his friends anyway every time he goes out with them to any restaurant the guy didn't pay and he tells them that he forgot his money at home after awhile they called him Chatal that’s where the name came from


Just try your best not to be a Chatal

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whats Gardenomy ?

Gardenomy is the study of a life style called garden
What is garden ????
Garden is the life status of any person who Never changes
Who goes to the same places mostly like everyday (the whole point here if you left the person for a year when you go back nothing have changed )
Why Garden ???
Because the garden doesn't move from it place yeah It grows if its growing that means you are an old garden
The origin of the Name Is Iraqi because of the killing routine
You can't escape being a garden unless u keep doing changes in your life
Being a garden is one of the great things that man can do not all the people in the world can take this great task its more than an experience and spiritual thinking takes you beyond the void to places you never thought you will reach because of the ultimate void that you will be living, don’t be afraid to be a garden because if you are you will find yourself one day one of them, us, everyone its something everyone have to experience through life!!
One of the Famous gardens band called Savage Garden You know why The band split I'll tell the untold story both guys were great gardens in their life not in their music for sure they did great success You can see the name of the band and you can know. Darren Hayes The lead Vocal got out his gardeny status that’s why the start the solo career Something must be changed in his life new girlfriend he moved to other place and stuff like these
They had a very gardeny song called I knew I loved you it’s a great song listen to it (Leave The Garden Crap For A While) its has a very gardeny line I knew I loved you before I met ( You see What I mean here Beyond the Void See Man )

Take another musical example Staind In his album Break The cycle The band here sends a message to all gardens in the world telling them Break The goddamn cycle it’s a great album by the way ( the best of nu-metal bands )
A lot of artists put a lot of effort in pointing for the gardenomy theory then the Iraqi streets took the rest
one more thing if any guy got dumped by his girlfriend the depression period its very garden style they all say the same that they are not I will find another one in a min anyway watch and laugh
by the way I solute all the gardens out there keep the struggle

Live with style live as a garden once

Hard to get woman and Easy woman

Our 1st subject to be posted is about the Women
Hard to get woman and easy woman are both women but what's the difference why this girl goes for everything and the other makes you see the stars in the morning just to say hi to her .
this problem goes to security and insecurity about themselves .
hard to get women have the amount of self confidance that make them think that they can get anyone they want at anytime no matter what they look or what they are . in the other side those who lack self confidance will give anything to the other person just to think or feel that they can have anything .
Anyway the point is hard to get or easy to get is a matter of confidance not a matter of atittude in life or the will to have fun it's just about feeling secure about what they are . if she thinks she is not attractive or not attracting the same number of people an other woman attract she will be easier to get to compete with her then when she is so easy to get she will be popular and she will assume that her charisma is the cause but what made her popular is her in security .

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