Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dreams !

Are They reality or illusions ?
Once I had a dream about a friend and we had a fight in that dream .
The day after I woke up confused and angry , I saw him and I was still feeling angry , We had the fight . Oh was it a vision or what happened .
I think it's something psychological and it depends upon us to make it happen or how to deal with it . Or sometimes what happens is Pure Vision .
once I dreamed about a person I like and don't know how to approach her .
in that dream I had a conversation with that Nice lady and i got know her .
The Good thing I woke up and I was still remembering the conversation so I open the same subject and approached her the same way in my dream and it was Really nice .
maybe it was a vision or maybe it was just a motivation for me to go and to talk to her
between brackets it was a psychological thing that I believed in the conversation .
My conclusion is that we control our Life and our dreams if we handle them right .
Have a sweet Dreams !!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Men Are HONDAs Women Are BMWs

What’s a Honda?

It’s an affordable car no matter what year it was manufactured. If you drive it well and give it the needed services, changing the oil clean the pipes and fill it with regular benzene, and if you know how to drive a manual or Automatic Honda, you can use this car for ever.

Let’s say you want to change it finding an other Honda, That’s easy.

When you buy a new one your friends will be interested in seeing it and the desperate ones will want to ride it. And it’s easy to have more than a Honda in your Garage.

HONDAs are Practical and in the hands of any girl because you only have to know how to drive to get one.

What’s a BMW?

It’s a very expensive car. When days go on you will spend more than the original price on spare parts and accessories and they only work with original parts.

If it breaks or malfunctions then it’s a disaster it’s a very tempting car to drive fast but it’s hard to be handled only few can handle it.

You can’t be satisfied with it for ever because the next year a more beautiful cooler BMW will be in the streets and you would like to drive it but it’s going to cost you everything you have. When you buy a new BMW your friends will love to go out with you and will dream of Riding your car, and if they had the $$ they might get your spare keys and RIDE it while you are away. So it’s hard to have a new model in your garage.

But if you have the money you will get it easily any model.


Remember A man is a Honda

& the woman is a BMW

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Fear Of Being A Garden Till The End Of Time

One Of past days we went to cinema Just For
Changing Our Garden Status (Daily Killing routine) to watch Silent Hill
(Its an amazing horror Movie people Who Played the Game
Will Love This Movie) So Before entering The Movie we
were Hungry So we went to eat some pizza and after We received
the order I just looked to see what's the restrunt name
I looked at the sign to see the name . Can You imagine what's the name ?

Its The 'Italian Garden '

God Why ? Do I need To remember that

Struggling to leave This garden

True Story !

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