Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Few Thoughts

  • if a hotties comes along gets all the attention even if he?she was snobish , arrogant and doesn't stand our companionship .
  • If you want somthing you see it beautiful , when you get it you wish you got somthing else .
  • When i always go to a new place or do somthing new that i haven't done before , i feel like it's not true and it's gonna finish after i go to sleep .
  • Religion Unites us in a one big unit , but seperates us into groups .
  • What's the important : your will or your deed .
  • The mobile companies control the world . if they want to kill someone they can send a killing signal to a certin simcard ( recognized by the serial no. ) and ..... it seems easy to me .
  • In Tv series the charecters are singles most of the time and looking .
  • Sending some interesting ideas would make us think .

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