Friday, December 01, 2006

Love In University

What's Love ?
Love is feeling . when you are in love you feel everything out of a sudden everything has taste or meaning . out of a sudden the touch of the hand has a meaning the kiss on the lips has a taste , the color they wear is a sign to us . it's just feeling the others and caring and companionship .
it's the communication between 2 love birds .
Now in the 21st century we have to classify everything to show that we are educated and have culture and knowledge .
So now if you love after a break up it's called '' rebound '' , if you love while you are married it's called '' Affair '' and if you love while you are in high school it's called '' Teenage love '' . To summarize it in one word we can just say it's Love .
Let's Discuss a the Love during the university !
it's called university love because it happens in the years of the study in the university .
In my point of view university love is the 1st mature love the one can live .
both are adults both are educated and know what's wrong and what's right . Both of them responsible of them selves .
But there is that obstacle : commitment .
it's the obstacle that is able to turn Romeo and Juliet's love to a failure .
although it depends on how both of them think .
Some people think that love must have an end . Others think that love is something that doesn't end but our enthusiasm to love is over .
the problem is the university is one of the only times that she feels free like a bird . but in the other hand there is what the society say about what she does . in underdeveloped , retarded and backward societies girls are married when they are 18 or 19 and in university they are married or they have to get married the day the step out of the university . so it's a burden on their shoulders how to keep their reputation clean as their clean hearts , they have to be aware of any guy the talk with he has to be a good guy or some others are afraid to betray their families and the trust they gave to them . In the other hand we have the guy who is living the hottest , coolest and wildest days of his life . The day he steps in the university he thinks about the wild nights he is going to spend , the grams of hash he is going to smoke or the tattoos he is going to have . it's just not equal for both of them everyone has a different intention .
If they reached a settlement on the relation there will be an other problem it's called marriage maybe the guy or the girl is thinking about getting married while the partner is just living the day .
it's just not a straight path .
now after what you read don't you just want to kill the society and leave people their lives in the Common Reasonable LIMITS .
Some universities are separated gender wise .
most of the universities in the Arab Gulf are not mixed .
the sport academies in most of the Arab countries are not mixed .
Why is that in the university we separate young people . They will just be tortured scientific they have to free them selves for a while otherwise we are just encouraging adultery or homosexuality and make everything has to be about SEX . University is the place where you meet your friends your work companions your wives and husbands your enemies ( in the Indian drama movies the girl finds a guys who is studying with her and she loves him when the want to get married she finds out that this guy is her son ;P ). It's just the perfect place to get to know everyone and live your Youth .
This word is for the community and the surrounding environment .
If you don't like what people are doing there .You have 2 options :
1 - Break the Wall with your heads
2- Why Don't you F*** OFF and let the people live their normal life.

Sorry for bringing this subject it might not represent the rhythm of our posts but it's something I had to say .
I will go back to my hash brownies and study !!
Cheers !!

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