Friday, September 28, 2007

Made In China

In your Daily Life , you might see a lot of people who keeps Bitching
about how fucked up there life is .maybe you see that in your family (like I do )
Specially when there is no reason.
Or Maybe some who keep Bitching about their relationships
'' Oh He's Cheating On Me " , " Oh She's Not Good In Bed " …Bla Bla Bla ..
Maybe People Bitching about their life Because
love to keep Bitching (like My family)
Maybe Some Feel Relief … Who Knows

From Other Side You Turn Your TV & Wow here are the
good shows like The Hills , Orange County ,The Fabulous Life Of
, Playboy Mansion …etc Just to show you how Your life is fucked up and miserable.

From Other Side You Turn Your TV & Yack Here are The Worst
shows ever Survival , Celebrity Fitness, You Are not Smarter
Than Fifth Grade …etc
I think should just Call it '' Greed & Humans " Or
Maybe "life Appreciation''
Cause When you watch these stuff you really feel happy
you have a simple life And you are not embarrassed
in front of the whole world and you will thank god for that
You might even get into religion because of these programs so
you can keep praying for God for your good life …

I Mean what's wrong with us these days. What's with the perfection obsession .
Are we like possessed with This Idea ….Maybe .. I guess entertainers just
turning human into a product ….wait man that’s really an old news
Oh did I just said Human = Product
Well I don’t want you to get mix up with idea or
I don’t want you saying what the fuck is wrong this Poster !!!
I guess I can now combine all the elements in this article and put some solutions
Ill Go to china and ask them to manufacture humans for me ,
it’s a good product and they can do that …cant they !!! (Now The whole world is wondering how they are going to be able to stop the Chinese Economic Tank). Oh & Ill Ask them to put in it some features like love , passion , flexibility(they do what ever you them to ), Oh and they are extremely hot and sexy and they can work 24/7 so no one will have problems
Anymore , and sure I forgot ill be calling the products the Gods
(don’t worry folks ill be selling them for cheap prices Don’t Forget it’s a Chinese product after all )


Stop Watching TV


Tv wall brackets said...

People hate themselves and their life because sometimes, life is hard.
The fact that it was given to you and it’s unique does not make it easier.
Let’s say I got dumped by my husband and it hurts like crazy…should I be happy just because this is my only life?
Going to bed at night and facing insomnia and nightmares…should I be happy and decide that since it’s my only life, darn it, I’m gonna sleep like a baby!

Happiness is so overrated anyway. I think people should try to focus on not being unhappy and when they are, knowing that it will pass so their life will be somewhat enjoyable again.
Unhappy people should not blame themselves for being miserable when they should be happy because it really would not help them feel better!

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