Saturday, October 21, 2006

HamBola ...

Its like everywhere that i go to.I find some liar overthere it kinda funny when everyone around you lie and you with your friends know that (knowning the liars )!! You start to see how people love to live their imagination & Fantasies through life and share it with people through lying

there is a guy who told us once that he dumped 8 girls at the same time
another one says that last time he had a fight was with 400 people who would believe that !!!
...Imagine what people can say

You know what is the funniest thing everytime someone stops lying there is allways someone else to replace his/her place.The Most Extreme Fun To act interested and keep listening to their stuff (im one of the people who cant say you are a liar in someone's Face )
keep on listening & laugh later

Everyone Says The famous Quote is (Lying is for free)
so if you lied its ok cause you don't have to pay a penny
Iraqis call the liar Hambola
lying is the real disease in societies I think I know the medicine for it.
Make fun Of the liar (heya Mal Tihinbl)

And I think I got The Equation
lack of personality + the enlargement of everything that happen in daily life + fantasies = The Big Good Lie Why not its for free :)

Music oh this is one of the specialty in music talking about lies &liars
a nu-metal band called ill nino in their first album got a good song called liar lier
another nu-metal song by Evanescence called lies ( their New Album is Good ButNot As Good As the first one ) and more and more
if we start to mention then we will never stop

And in the end i have to say :

Do Not Lie,Be Your Self
And ........ Listen To Death Metal :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, nice posting, phil!
aNYways, there is no one perfect and some wanna live the lie cuz selectig that way make them forget the pain and the terrible situation they had...
I'm not saying that we should believe thier lie also but at least give'em that sense of living that fancy!
Keep blogging

Gardenomy Through Crocology said...

and yeah there is no one perfect

and about living there lies that why i said let them lie
and laugh later !!!

thanx again

Anonymous said...

But if we let him lie he'll think that we are fools and we bwlieve him
my opinion is to not let people lie in front of us



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