Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dreams !

Are They reality or illusions ?
Once I had a dream about a friend and we had a fight in that dream .
The day after I woke up confused and angry , I saw him and I was still feeling angry , We had the fight . Oh was it a vision or what happened .
I think it's something psychological and it depends upon us to make it happen or how to deal with it . Or sometimes what happens is Pure Vision .
once I dreamed about a person I like and don't know how to approach her .
in that dream I had a conversation with that Nice lady and i got know her .
The Good thing I woke up and I was still remembering the conversation so I open the same subject and approached her the same way in my dream and it was Really nice .
maybe it was a vision or maybe it was just a motivation for me to go and to talk to her
between brackets it was a psychological thing that I believed in the conversation .
My conclusion is that we control our Life and our dreams if we handle them right .
Have a sweet Dreams !!

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zmanutdz said...

Very interesting ideas. Dreams, I dont think anyone know what they really are. Hypotheses and Theories are all over the place about dreaming and such but who cares. At least they came to use with that girl, the opposite happened to me once,lol.

Good effort on the blog, looking forward to the next entry

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