Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Women In The Eyes Of Men

Well Everyone got something to say about women it depends
on the culture ,education and the society lets
take a look

A president :Women are half the society and they are the other half for men
then he turns to his assistant and says did I say that right !

The doctor :Women hmmmm let me see he grabs a book called The Anatomy of The chick And says the women is meat+ air + bla bla bla
then You marry ....Children ....The tree of life

An Architect :Women yeah that's what I was talking about today
You know there are types of women the thin one
like Eiffel tower and the fat one like the Mosque
and the tall one like ..........Etc

A Civil engineer :Women yeah its easy 1/2 kg soil + some stones you know
a little bit of a good contractor You will get a good one
still ill search for a contractor to find me one

The physics teacher:Well Isaac Newton was thinking of that before the apple fell on his head oh shooooo he didn't figure that out I think I cant answer I have to search leave me now

Someone works in a lab :first he looked at his green liquid that he's working on then He said women its like h2o + h2s = h2so4 then he said no man that wrong can you leave now I have to work !

Accountant :Women No man that's not good they are impossible balance sheet man no its just LIABILITIES for me and Assets for them no no no

:Yeah cool I have two secretaries oh sorry what You were saying yeah women well I think yeah You wanna drink ... Again we were talking about ...Yeah you want to invest in our company

:Women hmmmm some are good some are bad but generally they buy.well they are like a good deal but they talk a lot

A Pop singer :well a women is the most wonderful thing in the world I always sing for them .... .. He starts to cry ..Sorry IM Gay !!!

A Rapper :Yo U know they are boo yo U know and whooo s yo yo

A Death metal singer
:I didn't Understand any thing he kept growling
And when he finished He said Cannibal Corpse

porn performer
:Well I don't care women,men,kids,animals ...Anything have a hole

The Garbage guy
:He smiled at me with an evil smile like he's gonna rape me well ....... I had to run :D

A Philocraper :God Created women for one thing ........ Got IT

With All The Respect To All The Females Out There :P


Sleepoholic said...

The Philocraper's Opinion in this Blog doesn't count for both Philocrapers .
As a Sleepoholic : I hate them when they wake me up . otherwise Best Things in life are Women .

Gardenomy Through Crocology said...


Man it depends on what was Ur Brain explaintion for the dots

Got it :P

and Yeah Women Rock \m/ \m/

Marshmallow26 said...

Hello Philocrapy,

Thanks for visiting my blog, your posts are intrepid...


Kitten said...


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