Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Have you ever made joke of your self, have you ever been the joke of your friends.
Have your friends ever said a joke that begins with you name like ‘’ one day ‘you’ did something ‘’.
Congratulations a Qaysh has been tied to you.

What’s A Qaysh?
A Qaysh is the fan belt that connects the motor to the fan.
Its function is to make the fan to spin. In pure English it means (pulling someone’s leg)

Why Qaysh?
It can be described as the motor is the person/s who make the joke and Qaysh is the joke tied to the fan (the joke person) and after he is being tied to the Qaysh his head won’t stop spinning because he is taking it from all directions.

Who should be tied to A Qaysh?
We if you have a friend who always jumps in the middle of a conversation or always answering questions that don’t concern him. If he is a Chatal, or if he speaks always with no logic or if he is always trying to show off that he knows everything. This person should be tied to a good Qaysh.

A piece of free advice try avoid being tied to a Qaysh

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