Monday, August 14, 2006

Are You a Chatal (fork)

Have you ever ask your self this stupid question?
How do you know you are a Chatal? when you see two people talking and you jump in middle of the conversation and you start to share your stupid opinions without asking for a permission in this case you are a Chatal (fork )
Or when you see two people (that you know or u don’t well) talking about going out and you (chatalit)
(The Fork verb) with them without of course without without asking or you go out with them and of course without paying…cool man guess what you are a Chatal

The History of the Chatal (As I known the word from)

The story goes like that there was some guy without mentioning names who used to go out with some people that he knew maybe they were his friends anyway every time he goes out with them to any restaurant the guy didn't pay and he tells them that he forgot his money at home after awhile they called him Chatal that’s where the name came from


Just try your best not to be a Chatal


Gilgamish said...

probably chatal ppl dont have any friends. :D

Gardenomy Through Crocology said...

Yeah U can say that they dont have a true friends

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