Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hard to get woman and Easy woman

Our 1st subject to be posted is about the Women
Hard to get woman and easy woman are both women but what's the difference why this girl goes for everything and the other makes you see the stars in the morning just to say hi to her .
this problem goes to security and insecurity about themselves .
hard to get women have the amount of self confidance that make them think that they can get anyone they want at anytime no matter what they look or what they are . in the other side those who lack self confidance will give anything to the other person just to think or feel that they can have anything .
Anyway the point is hard to get or easy to get is a matter of confidance not a matter of atittude in life or the will to have fun it's just about feeling secure about what they are . if she thinks she is not attractive or not attracting the same number of people an other woman attract she will be easier to get to compete with her then when she is so easy to get she will be popular and she will assume that her charisma is the cause but what made her popular is her in security .


sweety pie said...

ok i'm not getting it if she is hot,beautiful & so sexy and easy to get what do you think about it .

Sleepoholic said...

well even though she all the qualities you mentioned but she lacks confidance and security cause other wise she doesn't have to be so easy to get if she has the confidant charecter .

Anonymous said...

ppl it's not about havin confidence or not! a gurl can b so confident of her beauty and hard to get at the same time, it's not about feeling un-attractive or havin' a lack in the "confidence" area! i think it's a feeling.

if we are talking about relatoinships maybe that girl who's playing hard to get with some1 is playing easy to get with another guy who she might feel that he is the one 4 her or sth.. but if we are talking about saying hi to a guy or not to another then she might jst not like that guy! it's not about confiedence believe me! it's about who might fit under her standards.

MixMax said...

I don't see beauty and self-confidence as the main factor for identifying an easy girl from not. The motive and desire that makes a girl easy or hard to get. There are who look for marriage, or long-term relationship. There are even some who like to prove to others that she is the one who all boys run after her.
Some are just lonely! and because of loneliness they choose either way.

Kitten said...

playing hard to get does NOT necessarily mean that a girl is confident! in fact...sumtimes it can be lack of self esteem that makes her put on this front of being hard to get!

for example...a girl who keeps herself to herself...doesnt mix much...keeps her limits with guys...she seems really unapproachable, stuck up, full of herself, etc (i.e. she's hard to get) do u know that the only reason behind this might not be simple SHYNESS!!! so...she lacks confidence and security...and seems like shes playing hard to get!

get me?!

Anonymous said...

I hate the beginning of getting to know some1 for this reason!! Im a guy and dont like playing hard to get, somehwere in the middle is perfect, obviously you dont want them to be totally all over you, but you atleast want some encouragement!
I got this girls number who is totally stunning recently and have been texting each other,...all was well until i asked is she wanted to go out at the w/end, "busy." But she did add, mayb another time....hard to get is a war, and she may have won the battle but she hasnt won the war!lol, but then again i dont think i will coz im crap at this game/war. Dont rely understand it, or why they do it, but ill be gutted if it fucks up coz lovely ladies aint easy to find or get numbers from!lo.

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