Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Mac

Today I woke up in the morning I took my daily newspaper. I found 3 adverts. they were: Apple bee’s, McDonald’s & Hardee’s.

As a student of architecture for the 1st glance I liked what I saw the designs and the colors were amazing.
I love eating and I enjoy it. When it tastes good I feel good. But did we lose our taste and now we prefer quantity over quality. People the Hardee’s sandwich looks like a whole cow with cheese put between 2 thin slices of bread and the ketchup is dripping like a bloody cow. The McDonald’s one was a Peugeot advert a burger photo and the car details ( it was Peugeot 307 CC ) that is impossible to be won by an ordinary guy who doesn’t have a connection or A Chatal. I think McDonald’s found it hopeless to talk about their food because it’s really junky…

To be honest the Applebee’s is really tempting, cool design amazing photos like those taken in Hawaii Or Bahamas only there were no bikini Models.
This advert was more than one page it was a 4 pages advert. One of them contained 3 discount offers, 15% free, Free appetizer & A free desert But 1st you have to buy a Main course. It’s a real temptation for the 1st sight.
But unfortunately Applebee’s is the most expensive junk food in town so if I get a main course and I get the 15% discount, a free appetizer and the desert it’s still going to be expensive coz if you go with your girlfriend it’s a little bit awkward to buy her with a discount and because you are with your girlfriend the waiters will ask for the tip which is more than the discounts. It’s really confusing.
An other Thing what is it with the (‘s) in the end of the name: McDonald’s. Is it Important to know that it belongs to someone; if so please let me talk to him at least to know the idea of their commercials. Anyhow
Eat Well Eat Homemade!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a crispy McBacon to me

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