Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whats Gardenomy ?

Gardenomy is the study of a life style called garden
What is garden ????
Garden is the life status of any person who Never changes
Who goes to the same places mostly like everyday (the whole point here if you left the person for a year when you go back nothing have changed )
Why Garden ???
Because the garden doesn't move from it place yeah It grows if its growing that means you are an old garden
The origin of the Name Is Iraqi because of the killing routine
You can't escape being a garden unless u keep doing changes in your life
Being a garden is one of the great things that man can do not all the people in the world can take this great task its more than an experience and spiritual thinking takes you beyond the void to places you never thought you will reach because of the ultimate void that you will be living, don’t be afraid to be a garden because if you are you will find yourself one day one of them, us, everyone its something everyone have to experience through life!!
One of the Famous gardens band called Savage Garden You know why The band split I'll tell the untold story both guys were great gardens in their life not in their music for sure they did great success You can see the name of the band and you can know. Darren Hayes The lead Vocal got out his gardeny status that’s why the start the solo career Something must be changed in his life new girlfriend he moved to other place and stuff like these
They had a very gardeny song called I knew I loved you it’s a great song listen to it (Leave The Garden Crap For A While) its has a very gardeny line I knew I loved you before I met ( You see What I mean here Beyond the Void See Man )

Take another musical example Staind In his album Break The cycle The band here sends a message to all gardens in the world telling them Break The goddamn cycle it’s a great album by the way ( the best of nu-metal bands )
A lot of artists put a lot of effort in pointing for the gardenomy theory then the Iraqi streets took the rest
one more thing if any guy got dumped by his girlfriend the depression period its very garden style they all say the same that they are not I will find another one in a min anyway watch and laugh
by the way I solute all the gardens out there keep the struggle

Live with style live as a garden once


aNarki-13 said...


best definition i've read to date!

great blog, hilarious inside-jokes, i like I LIKE!


welcome to the blogosphere, buddy(s), i'll link to you on my blog!

Mr.Boo said...

come on man...aren't u forgetting something?..

garden is not just a silly cricle we run in or some1 hit by a boori by his "GF"...its also a guy WITH NO here doesnt only mean the girl he loves. it also means female in gardens are a bunch of guys walking alone (with no gilrs with them) laughing out load when there is a joke or not!...making fun of every1...ppl who dont give a shit about anything...they r just living the moment.

guess u know that the garden may evolve to be a (Mashtal) or something bigger like a (Bostan) !...allah estor!

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